Affordable housing

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

The Rwanda Housing Financing Project, with its approved budget of US$150 million, aims to improve access to long-term housing finance for middle-income segments that may have limited or no access to mortgages. This could have a significant impact on the country’s housing market, as more people would be able to buy homes and build their wealth. In addition to helping individuals, the project also aims to support capital market development in Rwanda.
Expanding access to finance, it could help stimulate economic growth and create new opportunities for businesses and investors. Overall, the Rwanda Housing Financing Project has the potential to be a win-win situation for both individuals and the broader economy. However, it will be important to monitor the implementation of the project and ensure that it is effectively reaching its target audience and achieving its objectives

Government Support

The Government supports the development of affordable housing projects upon assessment and approval by the National Committee for approval of government support for affordable housing projects.

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructural Elements

In developing affordable houses, the Government of Rwanda supports the
developers of affordable housing projects.

⦁ Internal access roads, parking, and footpaths;
⦁ Landscaping and retaining walls;
⦁ Stormwater drainage system;
⦁ Facilities that enable public transport;

⦁ Power reticulation from the nearest power line up to the nearest LV line, indicating the type of installation planned and the on-site step-down transformers;
⦁ Powerhouse if necessary;
⦁ Lightning protector in case it provides protection for the whole community including all buildings, developed infrastructures, and neighborhood;
⦁ Street lighting to the project access roads and roads between buildings in accordance with existing regulations;
⦁ Power reticulation for the Wastewater treatment plant and another public facility that can operate by electricity;
The standards for electricity and street lighting to and within affordable housing neighborhoods are in Section 10 of this operational procedure manual.

⦁ Water supply system, Water reticulation system, Water tank (Potable water storage), Inspection/ Valve chambers, Pumping system where necessary.

⦁ Sewerage system (External public manholes, Pipes & fittings, Wastewater Treatment plant)
The standards of sanitation services to and within affordable housing neighborhoods are in Section 10 of this operational procedure manual.

⦁ Underground water tank, piping system, inspection chambers/manholes to the underground tank.

⦁ Piping,
⦁ Water storage tanks,
⦁ Firefighting pump,
⦁ Firefighting house,
⦁ Fire Hydrants.

⦁ Green spaces